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Who We Are & What We Do

SA Basset Adoptions is a non-profit company. We seek to place every basset in need of a home in a safe and loving home. We rely mainly on donations and sponsorships and the help of volunteers across South Africa. 


Being the voice of those who cannot speak for themselves.



To ensure that each unwanted basset has a safe and loving forever home and to stop the abuse, neglect and homelessness of animals. 


Meet the Team


Melani Winkler

WhatsApp Image 2022-08-29 at 2_edited.jpg

Adrienne de Beer

We also have a team of dedicated volunteers and supporters, without whom we cannot function!

Why we love Bassets so much

Basset hounds are mild-mannered, compassionate and gentle dogs that exude a temperament that puts both humans and other pets at ease. They’re social creatures who enjoy being around their family members, yet have no problem enjoying a lazy afternoon at home.


From goofy facial expressions to minor acts of mischief, bassets represent lovable clowns who have the ability to afford their human companions hours upon hours of entertainment with their antics. They also have an innate ability to cheer you up when you’re feeling glum. Anyone who’s ever witnessed basset hounds running or seen the collection of funny basset memes that exist on the Internet has an idea of this breed’s comedic potential.


Make no mistake about it – basset hounds are downright adorable. Between their bloodshot eyes and their flop-to-the-floor ears, bassets boast a face that makes most anyone smile.


Once a basset owner - always a basset owner!

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